Gail Glazebrook Accounting Inc.
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Accounting Services

Individual & Small Business Tax Preparation

As a CPA, I handle a wide range of tax filings from W-2's, sales tax, quarterly estimates, personal income tax returns and small business returns such as sole proprietors, partnerships, LLCs, 1120 & 1120S. 

payroll administrator

I provide payroll services for all personal and/or business needs.  Whether you'd like to handle the payroll on your own and simply need someone to review your work and file quarterly returns, or you'd like me to handle it all, I offer affordable payroll services, withholding needs and retirement options.

Quickbooks Expert

As a Quickbooks Pro Advisor I’m a certified expert in all elements of the Quickbooks program.  Let me help you set up, organize and/or maintain your Quickbooks files to make your books more accurate and to lessen your workload.

Monthly & Quarterly Financial Compilation & Review

Let me keep track of how your business is doing throughout the year. Timely financial reports will help you stay on top of successful ventures and costly expenditures.


With over 15 years of bookkeeping experience, I will get you organized and comfortable with your personal & business finances.  While I handle all facets of bookkeeping for some clients, others I have taught to manage their own bookkeeping thus lowering their future accounting costs.  


Did you just find out you're liable for sales tax?  I currently file sales tax for clients in New York and Florida.  I also provide guidance on which items each state requires sales tax collection.

Tax Planning & Consulting

Proper tax planning can lead to big savings and protect you from stiff penalties and even liens on your property.  I provide tax saving strategies, quarterly tax estimations and optimize your individual and/or business tax liabilities.

Business Formations

Are you looking to start a new business?  Each structure has its advantages and limitations.  Let’s go over your business needs and determine the best option for your new venture.  I can also assist in the paperwork and corporate set up.  Don't pay too much for someone else to do it. 

EFIN Provider

As an EFIN provider, most returns can be E-filed directly from my office.  That means you don’t have to travel to sign your return, no long lines at the post office mailing your return and a quicker refund check in your pocket if you opt for direct deposit refunds.